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Join fellow mobile practitioners to gain actionable insights and solutions to overcoming the unique mobile-specific challenges that app builders face worldwide.  Date: November 10th, 2022 (Virtual) #mobiledevops22
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Accelerate mobile builds, releases, and teams through a DevOps platform built for mobile

Mobile CI/CD that just works

Automatically configure basic workflows to get started quickly with integration and deployment of your iOS, Android, React Native, macOS, and Flutter apps. Let Bitrise take care of stack and technology updates like new Xcode versions, the transition to Apple silicon, and more.

Easy integration with your tech

Connect to GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab Enterprise and Bitbucket, both in the cloud as well as on premise, and choose from over 300 integrations that connect workflows to your toolset across security, testing, messaging, and other categories.

Automate, monitor, and improve

Automation workflows to run how and when you need them, allowing you to string together common tasks like deployment to testers, pinging the company Slack about a new version, or bumping up a version number. Dive into Bitrise Insights to track how your workflows are performing over time.

Stop maintaining hardware

Bitrise is fully managed, and cloud-based. Hardware is in our data centers, maintained by a team dedicated to ensuring the best possible performance for your workflows, whether they run on Linux, Intel-based macOS, or our new Apple silicon-based iOS build infrastructure.

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Setup and maintenance is a breeze with 300+ ready-made steps

Bitrise offers more than 300 steps and integrations to easily connect the processes and services you use in your mobile development workflows. Setup becomes a breeze and maintenance is drastically reduced, saving you both time and money. Steps are fully open sourced, allowing everyone to submit or improve on steps at any time. Can’t find a step? Submit one to the library, create a private step exclusively for your organization, or simply insert custom code into workflows where needed.

Bitbucket snippet runner
GitHub status
Amazon S3 deploy
Gradle runner
GitLab status
Jira comments
Cocoapods install

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