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Scalable Apple silicon M1 in the cloud, for your iOS CI/CD

Open beta available to everyone on Bitrise, today: Apple silicon in the cloud, built for continuous integration and delivery. Fully virtualized and scalable.
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Mobile-first features that help you build, test and deploy faster and more efficiently

Full mobile stack coverage

Whether you swear by native or would rather go cross-platform, we have you covered. From Swift to Objective-C, Java to Kotlin, as well as Cordova, Ionic, React Native, and Flutter: Whatever you choose, we will automatically configure your initial workflows and have you building in minutes.

Store your code wherever

Bitrise can work with any public, private, or ad hoc Git service. This includes GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, GitLab Enterprise and Bitbucket, both in the cloud as well as on premise.

For any part of the process

Trigger builds on pull requests, schedule them to run at specific times or create your own webhooks. Workflows will run how and when you need them, allowing you to string together common tasks like integration tests, deployment to device farms, distributions to testers or app stores, and more.

No hardware required

Bitrise is full-featured mobile CI/CD in the cloud, for any platform. This means that, in addition to builds running on Linux machines, MacOS builds are also fully included in all plans, including those for free users, and open source projects. No expensive hardware required.

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Setup and maintenance is a breeze with 300+ ready-made steps

Bitrise offers more than 300 steps and integrations to easily connect the processes and services you use in your mobile development workflows. Setup becomes a breeze and maintenance is drastically reduced, saving you both time and money. Steps are fully open sourced, allowing everyone to submit or improve on steps at any time. Can’t find a step? Submit one to the library, create a private step exclusively for your organization, or simply insert custom code into workflows where needed.

Bitbucket snippet runner
GitHub status
Amazon S3 deploy
Gradle runner
GitLab status
Jira comments
Cocoapods install

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