Mobile CI after Jenkins — 6 lessons learned, a report

CI/CD built for Mobile DevOps: Connect, configure, and build in minutes

Engineers responsible for maintaining Jenkins are critical to their team’s performance and often work years on building the knowledge required to support their organizations. More and more mobile teams are switching from self-hosted Jenkins to cloud-CI — to equip themselves for the challenges of mobile development.

For this report, we gathered insights from engineers who used to be responsible for Jenkins — via a survey with hundreds of ex-Jenkins users and personal conversations with mobile teams from EPAM, Nextdoor, Pulselive, Delivery Hero, Signify, and many more. 

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What you'll learn

Download the report to learn more about how their roles changed after they migrated their app to a cloud-based CI platform.

• Do they enjoy their jobs more? Less? 
• Do they feel more impactful? 
• What does the rest of the team think?
• What are they doing with the time they saved?
• What are the biggest benefits of switching to cloud CI?