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Building Mobile Apps at Scale: 39 Engineering Challenges

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About the e-book

This e-book is a missing guide and an essential read for product managers, web and backend teams, as well as students who want to get a deeper insight into mobile app development challenges. Not only will it help readers become better at building native apps but also at scaling their engineering teams, by tapping into decades of experience from some of the smartest people in the industry. 
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About the author

Gergely Orosz is a software engineer, manager and author with over a decade of experience in mobile development at companies like Uber, Skype, and Microsoft. Gergely started writing this e-book when he realized that despite working at a mobile-first company most of his leadership did not fully appreciate just how challenging mobile development can be — especially when it comes to apps used by millions of people.

What's inside

This book gives you in-depth insights about the challenges due to the nature of mobile applications, and offers hands-on advice for native iOS, Android, and cross-platform development at scale. You’ll also have a deeper understanding of app complexity, how things work under the hood, how large engineering should approach app architecture, and what steps they can take to step up their game. 

Challenges Due to the Nature of Mobile Applications
1. State Management
2. Mistakes Are Hard to Revert
3. The Long Tail of Old App Versions
4. Deeplinks
5. Push and Background Notifications
6. App Crashes
7. Offline Support
8. Accessibility
9. CI/CD & The Build Train
10. Third-Party Libraries and SDKs
11. Device and OS Fragmentation
12. In-App Purchases

Challenges Due to App Complexity
13. Navigation Architecture Within Large Apps
14. Application State & Event-Driven Changes
15. Localization
16. Modular Architecture & Dependency Injection
17. Automated Testing
18. Manual Testing

Challenges Due to Large Engineering Teams
19. Planning and Decision Making
20. Architecting Ways to Avoid Stepping on Each Other’s Toes
21. Shared Architecture Across Several Apps
22. Tooling Maturity for Large Engineering Teams
23. Scaling Build & Merge Times
24. Mobile Platform Libraries and Teams

Languages and Cross-Platform Approaches
25. Adopting New Languages and Frameworks
26. Kotlin Multiplatform and KMM
27. Cross-Platform Feature Development
28. Cross-Platform App Development versus Native
29. Web, PWA & Backend-Driven Mobile Apps

Stepping Up Your Game
30. Experimentation
31. Feature Flag Hell
32. Performance
33. Analytics, Monitoring and Alerting
34. Mobile On-Call
35. Advanced Code Quality Checks
36. Compliance, Privacy and Security
37. Client-Side Data Migrations
38. Forced Upgrading
39. App Size