Join us on our intergalactic mission!

Bitrise is a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform focusing on mobile development. We help developers to automate their every-day tasks so they can go back to building great apps and have more time for their ideas. We'd like to create an ecosystem for software developers which they can use to build, test and distribute their apps in a way that it feels natural and fun. We take being open very seriously and we love to automate everything!

Why you should join us

Competitive Salary

We want the best talent and we’ll pay accordingly.

Stock Options

Sense of ownership is very important to us, and that’s why we’ve created an Employee Stock Options Plan (ESOP) to offer the top performers meaningful equity to ensure this happens.

New Gear

We’ll get you your new gear, which then you can decorate with fabulous Bitrise stickers!

Awesome Tech

You’ll surely be facing challenges you’ve never faced before. We’re also very keen on automating everything!

Unlimited Coffee

Help yourself to our unlimited storage of delicious coffee to fuel your ideas.

Come As You Are

Wear whatever you want for work, we’re not the fancy type.

Current openings

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