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All plans include
Build on Linux and MacOS
Unlimited cloud and private repos
Access to 300+ steps and integrations



Build for free! No credit card required

1 concurrency

Standard build performance

Timeout at 10 min / build

Community support

2 team members





Ideal for professional indie mobile developers

1 concurrency

Standard build performance

Timeout at 45 min / build

Standard support

Unlimited team members

We'll always activate a free 14-Day Developer Plan trial as soon as you connect your first app
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Choose between the efficiency of Org Standard or performance of Elite
what's the difference?

From 2 concurrencies

Standard or high build performance

Timeout at 90 min / build

Standard or Premium support

Unlimited team members, Group management, SAML optional



The Enterprise Build Platform, created for the world’s most sophisticated mobile teams


Best build performance

No build timeout

Premium support, Named customer success team

Unlimited team members, Group management, SAML included

* From price is based on the minimum amount of concurrencies for the plan, after a 10% annual payment discount

What are concurrencies?

One concurrency = one build at a time

This means that if you trigger 5 builds simultaneously while you only have a single concurrency available, you’ll have to wait for each one to finish before the next one can start. However, if you have 5 concurrencies, the builds will run in parallel.

Not sure how many concurrencies you need?
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Bitrise Org Plans

Bitrise Org Plans provide high performance and security for your teams.
Granular control of who has access to what, SAML SSO or 2FA ensure that you’re building safe, but fast. Supercharge your team's performance by opting for the upgraded build machines of the Org Elite plan!

Org Standard

Min 2 concurrencies at $45*/M each

Ubuntu Virtual Machines

2 vCPU
2.6 GHz Intel Xeon E5
7.5 GB RAM

MacOS Virtual Machines

2 vCPU
Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2697 v2 @ 2.70GHz

Org Elite

Min 3 concurrencies at $90*/M each

Ubuntu Virtual Machines

4 vCPU
2.6 GHz Intel Xeon E5

MacOS Virtual Machines

4 vCPU
Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-1650 v2 @ 3.5GHz

To start using a plan, sign up first, then select the plan on your user's or organization's settings page under Billing.

Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform

The Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform provides all the benefits of a fully managed cloud solution, combined with the level of control and security usually reserved for on-prem solutions.

Reduce cost and increase productivity
Your security needs met
Control where it matters
Build better apps

You are in good company

How Buffer simplified its development lifecycle with Bitrise

"We’ve been constantly amazed by what has been possible with Bitrise!"

Joe Birch

Android Lead @ Buffer

Food delivery made easy with Just Eat

"Bitrise is so easy to use, even new hires are comfortable with it."

Alberto De Bortoli

Principal iOS Engineer @ Just Eat

GetYourGuide: Changing the way you connect to the places you visit

"We integrated the right platform, at the right time."

Simone Basso

Director of Engineering

Putting people before profit and making the internet safer

“We will continue to use Bitrise — it offers all we need for our mobile apps.”

Isabel Rios

Quality Assurance Engineer

Building an all-around solution for mobility services

"Bitrise enabled our teams to ship code to our customers with high confidence. The easy-to-use interface and excellent support make working with them a true pleasure."

Franz Busch

iOS Engineer @ Sixt

A real estate company with a purpose

"Since we started using the platform, we have seen a tenfold increase in our agility."

Wes Billman

Senior Staff Engineer @ Compass

We ❤️ people who are changing the world

Bitrise ❤️ Open source

As developers, we appreciate your effort towards the developer community, so we provide extra benefits for each of the public apps you create.

Get a free concurrency and 45 mins extra build time for each of your public projects.

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Bitrise ❤️ Contributors

If you are happy to contribute to Bitrise, we have an offer for you.

Get the Developer plan for $20 /month if you contribute to any of the open source part of Bitrise.

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Bitrise ❤️ Students

If you are eager to learn, we are happy to contribute.

Get the Developer plan for $20 /month if you are a student with an active semester.

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