Engineering Hour: Ask us anything!

Date: 2020 November 4, Wednesday
Time: 9 AM PDT / 6 PM CEST

Let us answer all of your burning questions related to Bitrise and mobile development! This time, you can ask from our CTO & Co-founder, Viktor Benei, and Senior Software Engineer, Tamas Papik.

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Meet the Speakers

Viktor Benei

CTO & Co-founder at Bitrise

Tamas Papik

Senior Software Engineer at Bitrise

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Wonder what you can ask about?

⚙️ Using Bitrise CLI for workflow development on your own machine
⚙️ Step development
⚙️ Using the Bitrise API
⚙️ Bitrise as a company
⚙️ Engineering teams at Bitrise
⚙️ Optimizing a build
⚙️ Setting up your first Bitrise app
⚙️ Handling secrets locally or on

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