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Take monitoring of your mobile apps to the next level

🗓 Date: 2021 May 13, Thursday
⏰ Time: 9 AM PDT / 6 PM CEST

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About this webinar

Do you want to see how your app performs in your users’ hands? That’s why we have monitoring tools!

Mobile monitoring is to understand how the app is performing from the perspective of the user. It consist of multiple different aspects like crash reporting and analytics, user experience monitoring, or log and network monitoring. In this webinar, we'll discuss the importance of mobile app monitoring and the different approaches, the changes in mobile observability and data privacy.

We will shed light on questions such as …

→ What does mobile monitoring look like for different organizations? Why is it important?
→ How far can we go with testing before releasing vs. relying on monitoring to catch edge-case issues?
→ How mobile observability has changed in recent years and what can be the next big breakthrough in this area?
→ How do we deal with data privacy whilst still capturing enough information to understand the performance issues our app has in order to fix them?

Opinions expressed are solely our speakers' and do not express the views or opinions of their employers.

Meet our speakers & host

Antoine van der Lee

iOS Developer at WeTransfer, Author of

Antoine is developing iOS apps since 2010. He's working at WeTransfer, partly leading the development of the iOS app with millions of monthly active users in Amsterdam. He's also known for his blog posts and tutorials on and Medium. He has a big follower base on Twitter, he tweets passionately about Swift, iOS, and Xcode.

Marina Gornostaeva

Independent iOS Developer

Ex Storytel, Citrix, iD EAST. I’m a software developer focusing on development for Apple platforms, living in Copenhagen. I’ve been working with iOS for 10 years, leading teams and building apps & SDKs. Currently I’m an independent consultant, helping businesses build awesome products.

Bruno Rocha

iOS Developer, Writer of

Bruno is the writer of SwiftRocks, a blog where he describes his journey of spelunking the Swift Compiler. In his free time, he enjoys developing and maintaining Swift tools for the community such as SwiftInfo and SwiftShield.

Colin Hemmings

Host, Product Manager at Bitrise

Colin Hemmings is a Product Manager at Bitrise, with nearly a decade experience building monitoring solutions for mobile and server applications. He's currently working on Bitrise's own mobile monitoring solution, Trace.