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The future of mobile finance and banking

Fintech companies and their innovative mobile services are revolutionizing the banking industry and the way we handle our personal finances.

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About this webinar

With more and more sophisticated apps offering a range of low-barrier financial services on mobile, incumbent banks and new market entrants have to reevaluate their existing mobile development practices.

What you'll learn

In this webinar, we are exploring the tools, processes, and organizational culture needed for teams to remain competitive.

Where is the finance and banking industry heading?

What are some of the unique challenges that banking and fintech apps face on mobile?

What kind of tools, processes, and culture need to be in place in order to be successful?

What else can fintech startups do in the mobile space to stay competitive?

Meet the Speakers

Balazs Barna

European Expansion Leader at TransferWise

He started his career as a software engineer at Morgan Stanley, then joined MSCI to rebuild its Corporate Events platform. He was the keynote speaker at the Annual FinTech & InsureTech Summit earlier in 2020.

Mariano Zorrilla

Tech Lead at Venmo

Besides managing a team of engineers over mobile platforms and backend server side at one of the world’s leading fintech apps, he also founded — and gives talks at — the SFXP San Francisco Cross Platform Community events.

Giorgos Ampavis

Global Director of Client Engineering at Tide

He’s worked in a variety of industries and gained vast experience in leading teams in product-oriented environments.

Hendrik Haandrikman

VP of Growth at Bitrise

Together with an exceptionally driven team, Rik accelerates growth for the mobile development platform — powering close to 50% of mobile unicorn startups and over 20% of Fortune Global 500 companies.