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Turning your real-world app into an App Clip

With Guilherme Rambo (@_inside)

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About the workshop

With the introduction of App Clips in iOS 14, users can now take advantage of small pieces of functionality from apps without the need to download the whole app from the App Store. Learn how to design, develop, and distribute App Clips for your app or for other businesses, the main issues you’re likely to run into when trying to reuse existing code and assets for an App Clip experience, and how to use Bitrise to include your App Clip in your CI workflow.

Meet the speaker

Guilherme Rambo

App Developer, public speaker

‍On his day job, Gui manages a team of developers building an e-commerce app for the Brazilian market. He is also the developer behind apps such as AirBuddy, the WWDC app for macOS, and the iOS app ChibiStudio Other than building for Apple’s platforms, Gui co-hosts the Stacktrace Podcast, speaks in conferences around the world, and loves to share his ideas on Twitter and his blog.

What you will learn?

Learn the limitations and benefits of App Clips

See App Clips in action and how they can be triggered with QR codes, NFC tags, and more

Watch as an app with Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple is turned into an App Clip

Configure your app on Bitrise to include your App Clip in your CI workflow