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We truly believe that app development should be all about the process of creating something extraordinary.

Having more time to be creative is the key to great inventions.

Our mission directive is to provide a platform that lets you concentrate on the process of innovation, instead of the byproducts of it.

Our team

We experienced firsthand the struggle and annoying distractions app developers have to face almost every day. We were those developers. And we will not forget. We are working hard to make developers’ life better.

  • Dániel Balla


  • Viktor Benei


  • Barnabás Birmacher


  • Jordan Bocskov

    Board member

  • József Erős

    Frontend Wizard

  • Krisztián Gödrei

    DevTool Ninja

  • Norbert Kovach

    Frontend Padawan

  • Zsolt Szigetlaki

    Strategic Advisor

  • Tomek Szczerba

    Marketing Special Agent


Our offices

  • London, UK

    Runway East, 10 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AF

  • Budapest, Hungary

    Mogürt Office Building, 77-79 Bocskai Street, Budapest 1119

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