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You can specify different billing information for an organization, e.g. for a company credit card. Only the owners of will be able to access or update this information.

Our pricing issimple, flexible, straightforward.


*You will start with a Pro plan with 1 concurrency for 14 days.

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You'll need to create an organisation after signing up to subscribe to this plan
First, you need to select which organisation you’d like to upgrade to select your actual concurrency count.
*You will start with a Pro plan with 1 container for 14 days. No commitments.
*First, you'll need to select which account's subscription you want to cancel.

What is concurrency?

One concurrency = one build at a time

This means that if you trigger 5 builds, you have to wait for each one to finish before the next one can start. However, if you have 5 concurrencies, the builds will run parallel.

Well, that’s enough math for one day.

How many concurrencies do I need?

Our customers use averagely 1 concurrency per full-time developer. Of course it can depend on your project count, release flow and so on. If you can’t make up your mind, we're happy to set you up with a trial to help you figure out how many works best for you.

You might just get the Pro plan for half!

  • For eager to learn students
  • For those who contribute to Bitrise

You get the Pro plan with one concurrency for $25/month, if you are a student with an active semester, or if you contribute to any of the open source part of Bitrise. If you belong to both categories, well, then you are an even more awesome human being!
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