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Scaling with Flutter: Case studies with Tonal and Signify

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About this webinar

We'd like to invite you to join us for Part II of our Flutter Journey this week, where we showcase two exciting case studies based on two very different companies, but with a shared love for the open-source UI software created by Google. Join our clients for a sneak peek at how you can take your Flutter projects to the next level in regards to matters of scaling and technicalities.

Join Max Lapides on "Integrating complex features into Tonal’s large Flutter mobile app" and Alexei Sintotski on "Glowing with Flutter: a Philips Hue journey at Signify"

What will we cover?

Integrating complex features into Tonal’s large Flutter mobile app
We started building the Tonal mobile app in 2018, before Flutter was officially a stable technology. Since then, Flutter and Tonal have come a long way. We’ll discuss some of the exciting challenges we faced along the way and how Flutter helped us rapidly build, ship, and improve our now very successful mobile app. We will deep dive into subjects such as state management, integrating native code with Flutter and Tonal's custom chart library.

Glowing with Flutter: a Philips Hue journey at Signify
In the early 2018, a small team of Philips Hue developers started experimenting with Flutter. In 2019, the company released two Flutter-based apps to control Hue Bluetooth lights and the Hue Sync box. Now, in 2020, Philips Hue is using Flutter in their all mobile applications. This 20-minute talk will outline three years of the Philips Hue journey with Flutter: from a small prototype to full scale mobile app production for one of world’s largest IoT ecosystems.

Meet the Speakers

Max Lapides

Manager of the Mobile Software Engineering Team at Tonal

Max started his career building WordPress websites, then AngularJS web apps, then React web apps, and now Flutter mobile apps. Max loves learning new technologies and building unstoppable software teams.

Alexei Sintotski

Senior Software Developer - Signify Philips Hue

Alexei is a senior software developer at Signify Philips Hue, a smart wireless lighting company. Prior to the Flutter introduction, Alexei had been in the lead of the transformation of mobile app CI/CD pipeline at Hue. He consequently became a key player in the introduction of the Flutter technology there. Since then, he has been actively contributing to the software architecture of Philips Hue mobile applications. Alexei’s free time includes (but is not limited to) sharing quality time with his wife and kids, photography, and programming in Dart.

Meet the Host

Matthew Robert Jones

Senior Customer Engineer at Bitrise

Matthew is an obsessed Flutter fanboy. His introduction to the framework came while he was the sole developer at a non-profit organization. They needed a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android in just four months. The project was super successful thanks in large part to how powerful, flexible, and accessible Flutter is. As a Senior Customer Engineer at Bitrise, Matthew has the opportunity to help other folks be successful using Flutter and CI/CD. He considers it to be pretty much "the best gig ever".