Maximizing mobile engineering efficiency through Gen2 and Velocity: a benchmark report

For a mobile engineering team, speed and efficiency can directly result in more successful apps.
At Bitrise, we’re enabling mobile teams to work faster and build higher-quality apps, which is why we’re investing in the second generation of the Bitrise Build Infrastructure: Gen2.
In this benchmark report, we will show you how six very different apps have significantly improved their performance by upgrading from Gen1 to Gen2. Download the report and discover how your team could do the same. 

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What you'll learn

Download the report to discover: 

  • What challenges businesses can face when speeds are limited
  • What Gen2 and Velocity mean for Bitrise customers — and how they help teams overcome these challenges
  • The impact that switching from Gen1 to Gen2 had on build times for six very different apps — and how much time they’ve reclaimed each month