Remove bottlenecks. Build great apps faster.

With Insights’ build data, know what to prioritise, and shift your focus to what matters the most.

What is Insights?

Insights is an analytics tool that tracks and reports mobile app build data. Teams can now release more frequently with confidence by understanding build and test performance, and credit data. Start using it *today.

*Works together with current and future Bitrise integrations.

Unblock your engineers

No more waiting around for builds that’s costing you time and money. Diagnose and remove bottlenecks, with speed. Visibility on build data like duration, minutes and success rates—across apps, workflows, and steps—makes it easy to isolate problems per workflow and prioritise build issues that's causing delays.

Release quality code

Get actionable insights to optimize code releases as soon as they break. With app quality directly impacting the user experience, and the business, insights into your apps, workspaces, workflows, individual branches, step lists and builds helps your teams deliver stable value, quickly.

Quick, quality releases and an improved user experience

Release more frequently with pinpoint visibility into builds that need attention. With our colourful build graphs, troublesome dependencies are not only easy to spot, but directly leads you to the build logs where performance is impacted. More-so, frequent releases means better app engagement, and increased monthly users for your continued success.

Goodbye flaky tests, hello decreased build times

Instead of turning off or disregarding flaky tests, eliminate them. Build Insights helps locate flaky tests, or inefficiencies in test suites, by showing the 50th and 95th percentile aggregations for build performance. Locate anomalous tests without holding-up delivery, and avoid flaky tests accumulating.

Optimize credit usage

Plan and budget your credit usage by navigating credit consumption data the same way as performance metrics. With Build Insights locating that expensive step, or monitoring change impact of a build on credit usage, its helps optimize how and where you spend your credits.



Build stability
Build velocity
Build usage
Account, App, Workflow, Branch and Step aggregations
Test performance
Test stability
Flaky test detection
Granular breakdown for detecting root cause
Inspect individual step and test level metrics
Historical trend analysis
Refresh rate
4-hour data latency/ refresh rate
30-minute data latency/ refresh rate
60-day data retention
2-year data retention
Included with all Team and Velocity tiers.
Upgrade to Pro when logged into Insights
Included in Team and Velocity tiers
200 credits per contributor/ month