Get unstuck, get on track, accelerate

Visualize build performance and identify bottlenecks by using historical build and test performance tracking.

What is Build Insights?

Build Insights is a monitoring tool that helps you understand your build performance and where you can improve your team’s delivery velocity and stability. It gives you the confidence that things are working well, and visibility into the issue when they are not, all working seamlessly with your existing Bitrise pipelines.

Get up-to-date performance status for all your workflows, steps, and tests. Effortlessly drill down through your workflows to locate the cause of the performance bottleneck. Bitrise brings your CI/CD performance closer to your development teams so they can locate and resolve problems for themselves.

Start using it instantly:
• Out-of-the-box solution with zero setup
• Granular step and test level performance metrics
• Works together with current and future Bitrise integrations

Measure and react to changes in performance more quickly

Understanding build performance helps locate and prioritize bottlenecks: Build Insights tracks and compares build duration and success rate across all your apps, workflows, and steps, pinpointing what requires immediate attention.

Monitor, predict, and optimize usage throughout the year

Navigating credit consumption data the same way as performance metrics makes locating that expensive step or seeing how your latest round of improvements impacted your credit usage easy.

Spot those anomalous tests so you can drill down on exact issues

Build Insight shows how consistent your build performance is across your workflows over time. We show the median and 95th percentile aggregations for build performance so you can locate those anomalous tests.

Address flakiness and stop wasting build time

Build Insights helps locate flaky tests (often masked by retry logic) or any inefficiencies in test suites and fix those troublesome tests conveniently without holding-up delivery.

See historical trends and up-to-date performance

Build Insight refreshes the data every 30 minutes, not the usual 24 hours, to converge to real-time. Build Insights also support custom date ranges for queries so it’s simple to step back in time and zoom into a specific area of performance charts.

Build Insights
Start to understand your build performance and where to make improvements.
Build stability tracking: failures and rate success
Build speed tracking: typical and outlier build times
Usage: build count and credit consumption
Account, App, Workflow, Branch and Step aggregations
4-hour data latency/refresh rate
60-day data retention
historical trends for apps and workflows
Build Insights is bundled with paid and trialling Teams and Velocity accounts and is included in these credit-based plans.
Included with all Team and Velocity tiers
Build Insights Pro
Dig deep into your team build performance to find those critical bottlenecks.
Basic features plus
Test performance
Test stability
Test re-run tracking
Granular breakdown for detecting root cause.
Inspect individual step and test level metrics
30-minute data latency/refresh rate
2-year data retention
historical trends for apps, workflows and tests
Subscription is available within the product.
200 credits per contributor/month