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Join us on this mission!

We are looking for tech enthusiasts, dev adventurers and iOStronauts to spread the word about Bitrise!


Bitrise is a hosted automation platform made to help iOS developers automate their daily app development tasks. We strongly believe in the power of open source therefor all of our build steps are shared on GitHub and part of the open source StepLib catalogue. We're a small but incredibly motivated team, eager to help mobile developers do what they are really meant to do, which is making magnificent and sleek apps.

Mission requirements

  • Be eager to help other developers
  • Have at least a bit of iOS development experience
  • Be a native English speaker
  • Have great communication skills
  • Be ambitious and open-minded
  • Be able to meet with us frequently in Birmingham/London

Great plus if...

  • You are comfortable presenting on events
  • You have an active dev blog
  • You created dev videos/tutorials before
  • You have tech media or marketing experience
  • You are active in the local developer community
  • You have good Github reputation

What we offer

  • Work for an innovative startup
  • We cover conference, travel & lunch expenses
  • Chance to network and meet interesting people
  • Help developers to work more efficiently
  • Get payed for what you love to do

Mission tasks

  • Attend #dev conferences and meetups
  • Play with Bitrise, create tutorials/videos and write blog posts
  • Get us known in the local developer community
  • Speak at hackathons, conferences, meetups, etc.
  • Encourage developers to build great apps using Bitrise
  • Gather feedback and report back to the team to help us decide what our next step should be

If you are interested, get in touch with us via email!