Mapbox & Bitrise

"Bitrise is easy, fun, packed with features, and the company support and communications are outstanding. We're never looking back."

Justin Miller
Justin Miller

Mobile Lead @ Mapbox

About Mapbox

Mapbox is building tools for developers to add beautiful and functional maps and location to their apps and websites. Our tech is open source (with hundreds of contributors), our data is open (with millions of contributors), and most of all, our tools make every aspect of the geo stack customizable.

On iOS, we relied heavily on Travis CI, which, even with paid plans, had reliability and wait time problems. Plus the UI was un-fun. - Justin Miller

Why Mapbox loves Bitrise

Bitrise's new project setup is particularly inviting and the web UI is super easy to use. The integrations are great and the company's responsiveness has been top-notch. It saves us multiple person-hours per day, probably dozens.

Bitrise helps us manage our high project complexity with automated testing. We're looking forward to integrate more of Bitrise's features, like deployment, in the future. - Justin Miller