Chris Jones
Chris Jones
Senior iOS Engineer @ Prolific Interactive
 Chris Jones
 Chris Jones

Prolific Interactive & Bitrise

"Bitrise is great! After some setup, I barely interact with it at all, which is probably the best compliment I could give a CI server."

About Prolific Interactive

Prolific Interactive is a team of creators and innovators building apps from iOS to Android to back-end development. They partner with startups and leading brands to create incredible mobile products.

"We were originally running Jenkins on a Mac mini in the office.  But as an app agency, not all of our builds are the same and could be more complex than others.  We made bash scripts to help Jenkins handle all of our builds but that created an unstable environment and a lot of time being spent in developing the scripts." — Chris Jones, Senior iOS Engineer

Why Prolific loves Bitrise

"The best part about Bitrise is its easy setup and maintenance.  We don't really give our CI/CD any thought anymore, which is great!  The YAML workflow designer allows us to copy and paste workflows to new projects so the setup process is quick and allows us to have a standard setup." — Chris Jones, Senior iOS Engineer
"Bitrise is just simple. It has taken a process that can be convoluted and difficult for a company to maintain, to now being effortless." — Peter Siegmann
DevOps Engineer

Prolific Interactive

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